A circular dependency is detected for bundle...

if u have this error after deployment yii2 application, just follow the command

composer require fxp/composer-asset-plugin

Could not find driver

This error can be displayed after yii migrate command. That means, u have no installed or not uncommented php-mysql extension

  • First, try to uncomment extension=pdo_mysql extension line in php.ini.
  • Next, try to install (if u have not done this before):

sudo apt-get install php7.1-mysql

The file or directory to be published does not exist vendor/bower/jquery/dist


  • add into file /common/config/main.php
'aliases' => [ 
             '@bower' => '@vendor/bower-asset', 
             '@npm'   => '@vendor/npm-asset', 
  • or you can just rename folder /vendor/bower-asset to bower

  • or you can create symlink from /vendor/bower-asset to bower folder